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For a general overview of Client/Server see Services.

Develop advanced and easy to use client/server applications!




JMJ Group Consulting develops Microsoft Windows based client/server applications using Microsoft Access and Oracle Database. Using Microsoft Access enables rapid application development. Microsoft Access is a powerful tool created specifically for creating custom Windows applications.

Oracle Database provides a very powerful and stable data storage solution. Microsoft Access is able to take advantage of Oracle’s key features - rock solid data store, advanced data integrity, custom database enforced business rules, and advanced Oracle programming language. This is a great solution when you have many concurrent users or big data volumes.

JMJ Group Consulting develops applications for internal use or commercial deployment.

Several client-side deployments are possible as we actively support Microsoft:

  • Access 2003
  • Access 2007
  • Access 2010

Deploy your application using Microsoft Access - retail edition or with a royalty-free runtime deployment. Using a custom application setup kit, a runtime version of Microsoft Access is installed to run your specific application. The runtime version does not include the Access design side features ensuring that users cannot use features you did not intend.


Application and Database Design


The most important part of custom application development is the application and database design. Before a successful application can be built, the database design must be created and thoroughly analyzed. Using JMJ Group Consulting’s goal-directed design process, we will create and fine tune a design for your development project.

Using JMJ Group Consulting’s custom design utility - Schema Scripter, ensures consistent Oracle table designs. Schema Scripter was designed to create Oracle objects that can effectively interface with Microsoft Access. This provides a tight integration between Microsoft Access and Oracle Database.


Application Overview


For examples of interface elements of a client/server application see the Microsoft Access Overview.


For more information on client/server application development services, please Contact Us.





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