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Do you receive too much SPAM or junk e-mail?


Do you still spend too much time checking your e-mail program junk folder? Did you buy an add-on product for your e-mail software, but still, junk e-mail is still a big hassle? Canít get the Outlook Junk E-mail folder/feature to do what you want? No matter what you do the spammers still find you? Does your good e-mail too easily get mixed in with the junk? SPAM e-mail can be a very frustrating problem.

Modern Solution to SPAM or junk e-mail

Use a simple challenge-response solution to protect your mailbox from 100% of SPAM. A simple way to verify the relationship between you and your contacts. Simple, safe, and effective. Best of all, you donít download all that junk. No junk e-mail clogging up your internet connection. No junk e-mail filling up your computerís hard drive. Simple - get the e-mail you want using the e-mail software you always used. Eudora, Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape and any other e-mail program that supports the standard e-mail POP3 protocol And when away, use webmail.

How? Use Spam Arrest. Try it for free!

Spam Arrest - see how it works

It is a simple process, really. Easy to use for both your contacts and for you. You can start by uploading you contact list (this remains private and is only used to verify your preferred contacts) to pre-authorize your contacts. Otherwise, real contacts can verify that they are real. Check out the Spam Arrest flash demo.


Does Spam Arrest support my system?

Yes! If your system supports standard internet e-mail setup, then you can use Spam Arrest with your favourite e-mail software program. If you have an internet browser, you can use Spam Arrest. Commonly used systems include Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7, MAC, MacOS, Linux, and Unix.

Spam Arrest has solutions for:

How much junk e-mail does Spam Arrest catch?

Lots! We have been using Spam Arrest on our primary mailbox since July 2003. As of April 2009, Spam Arrest has processed 2,543,558 messages and sent on to us 39,150 messages.  Wow! That means since we started that 98.5% of our e-mail is junk. Now, you may not have that much junk, but it is nice to know that Spam Arrest can easily handle large junk e-mail problems.


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