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For a general overview of Application Migration see Services.

Upsize your application to client/server or web application!


Many valuable applications start their life as simple desktop database applications. As features, use, and data grows, the application and database outgrow their desktop roots. Convert your desktop application to either a client/server or web application. Upsize your data to Oracle Database.

This is the perfect time to evaluate each feature in the application. Take the opportunity to redesign your most critical features to be more effective. Using our proven review checklist we will ensure the upsized application will perform as expected.

Using JMJ Group Consulting’s Schema Scripter utility we quickly capture and evaluate the current desktop database design. Schema Scripter will analyze the database design. A list of incompatibilities will be provided for correction. The final output is a new Oracle database script.


For more information on application migration services, please Contact Us.

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