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For a general overview of Photo see Products.


Photo WelcomePhoto is a web application template that demonstrates Orbitís powerful multimedia capabilities. Photo demonstrates the possibilities for securely managing digital assets. Photo stores all information, including the images, securely in the Oracle database. This enables you to easily control who can create and view content.

In Photo you create slide shows and home pages for everyone to enjoy your photos. First, upload your photos using the Photo Profile form. The photos are then saved in the Oracle database with a variety of searchable properties. Then, create a series of slide shows to present your photos. Finally, take a collection of slide shows and create a home page. Your photo viewers will be able to view the home pages with the slide shows that you have created.

Click Here! ... to launch Photo live.Launch live demo in a new web browser window.

For more information see Photo. To discuss the Photo web application template in more detail Contact Us.







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